Alfa Romeo

6C 2500


Introduced in 1938, the 2500 (2443 cc) was the last 6C road car. before the war.but a few hundred 6C 2500s were built from 1940-1945.

I didn´t chose this car, the car chose me. It represented a turning point in my carreer, although at the time I didn´t know it.



Diego De Luca

  • Model 6C 2500 Sport

  • Engine 2,443 cc

  • Max power 95 bhp (71 kW) @ 4600 rpm (1939–1946) // 90 bhp (67 kW)      (1947–1952)

  • Fuel system single carburetor

  • Top speed 155 km/h (96 mph)




By 1939 the 6C 2500 had replaced the 6C 2300B series. This new series offered greater perfomance, its engine was 6 cylinders with 2443cc. However, with the outbreak of World War II the production of luxurious cars diminished considerably though it never stopped. In 1944 Alfa Romeo’s factory was left in ruins after the bombardment of Milan on October 20 th . Such was the state of destruction that Alfa’s managing directors considered the possibility of moving the factory somewhere else but ended up rebuilding it in its original premises. As the rebuilding works were progressing, the machinery that had been protected during the war was brought back to restart production. As the economc situation after war times was not at all favourable they decided to start with a limited production of cars using the prewar 6C 2500 chassis.The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 was produced in different versions : Coloniale, Turismo, Sport and Super Sport. The 6C 2500 Coloniale was for military use, around 150 cars were produced and delivered between 1941 y 1942. The Turismo type came in two different versions : with 5 seats and with 6 or 7 seats.with a 3.25 wheelbase chassis and body made by Alfa romeo. The Sport version had a 3m wheelbase chassis for 5 passengers and the Super Sport version was shorter with a 2,75 wheelbase. Almost all Italian coach builders made bodies for the 6C2500, however most of them were made either by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, easily recognizable for its striking curves, and by Pininfarina with a soberer though no less elegant style.